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Kendra Crooks


Kendra Paige Crooks was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She studied film and sustainability at The University of New Mexico and made the conscious decision to expand her education and utilize her skills of storytelling by traveling around the world to India, South Africa, and France. Passionate about capturing real life, she used her camera to document controversial issues and creative projects that eventually allowed her to have a film screened at the 66th Annual Cannes Film Festival. When returning home, she was determined to keep the inspiration alive and co-founded a media company in downtown Albuquerque.


Kendra's main purpose is to tell stories and to help people go further with their passion. When she's not working on set, in the studio, or with the 48 Hour Film Project, you can find her pursuing her love of viticulture by educating wine enthusiasts at the New Mexican gem, Gruet Winery. Grateful for the vast opportunities for storytelling in her diverse and culturally exquisite hometown of Albuquerque, Kendra makes sure that the products of collaboration and creativity do not only remain ideas, but also turn into realities.




       We don't make the product, we make the packaging. Our mission is to utilize our unique style, uncompromising integrity, and passion for collaboration to shape the stories of our clients into vehicles for furthering their cause and life's passion. 


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